Unique Pets is delighted to offer a full range of dog training classes to cover all the basic social skills, dog etiquette and obedience commands that you and your dog should master. Dog training is key to breaking down the barriers of communication between humans and canines, and will enable you and your dog to live happily together for many years to come. Whether you’re just bringing home your brand new puppy who needs to learn some basic manners along with socialisation, you’re adopting an older dog from a rescue centre and need to work on recall, or you want to increase the bond with your best friend through fungility, there will be a class for you and your dog.

Meet the trainer

Tom Walsh completed his IMDT accredited dog training course at the beginning of 2015 and has been running a wide range of very popular classes in both Winslow and Aylesbury since then. Tom has also been working with a number of clients on a 1-2-1 basis to address training needs and correct unwanted behaviour. He only uses force-free, positive reward-based training methods, which are proven to be the most effective and long-lasting, and he can also provide clicker training if you prefer.

121 Behaviourist

Each dog is different, and likewise its relationships with other dogs, people and the outside world will vary. As well as the regular training classes, we understand that individual coaching can sometimes be required to help overcome a variety of dog behaviour issues and so Tom offers a 1-2-1 session with you and your hound to address any particular anti-social problems you may be experiencing.

Common complaints include aggression towards other dogs and/or people, separation anxiety, destructive or obsessive behaviour, inappropriate soiling, and being uncontrollable around visitors. What is often perceived as aggression, is in fact often a response to fear or anxiety, so let Tom see your dog’s “aggressiveness” for himself so that he can understand the issues that lie behind the behaviour. He will then address the problem and arm you with a toolbox of techniques and tips to help change the unwanted actions.

Post-Lockdown Social Skills Walk

During the various lockdowns we have experienced over the last year many dogs have lost their social skills as they have not been able to meet other people or dogs. In addition, many people have added a pet to their family and have been unable to undertake basic training courses.

Our post-lockdown social skills walks are a one hour class designed to help you and your dog regain some basic manners. These one-off classes must be booked, but you do not need to commit to a lengthy course. Classes meet at Manor Farm, Buckingham Road, Whitchurch HP22 4RB at 4pm on Wednesdays. Please email Tom using the form below to book your place.