A smallholding is a way of using a plot of land – usually bigger than an allotment, but smaller than a farm – for raising poultry, grazing livestock or growing vegetables. Not only does it provide an enjoyable pastime, but it can also give you a wonderful way to get back to nature and achieve a degree of self-sufficiency through sustainable means.



Chickens are grazers and will make frequent trips to their food tray, which burns energy, so the commercial industry created food pellets which allow the chicken to absorb more sustenance at one time. If you prefer something more natural and less processed, you can choose mash, which is looser feed that can also be mixed with warm water in the winter, scraps or yogurt.

When looking for chicken feed, it is important to remember that their digestive systems are designed to process insects, seeds and grain. The easiest way to feed your chucks is to use a balanced ration which provides a healthy mix of protein, vitamins and minerals. We stock feed for all types of domestic poultry including chickens, ducks, roosters and chicks, in a variety of mash and pellets. One feed contains Verm-x, which is a natural wormer, and we also stock Global Herbs products for natural supplements for tip-top condition.

As with all animals, it is important to make sure that poultry have access to clean, fresh water at all times, particularly for hens laying eggs and during hot weather.