Now you’ve got the basics – food, treats, toys and healthcare – welcome to the wonderful world of dog accessories where you can find something canine for every situation!

There is an overwhelming range of dog accessories for walking, so we have compiled a comprehensive guide to the various styles to help you find the right one for your dog. We carry extensive ranges of collars, leads and harnesses, from premium suppliers as well as cheaper options for puppies to grow out of and chew!


Simple collar

Every dog must wear an identity tag with your contact details when out in public. The easiest way is to attach it to a collar, but there are a number of different types to choose from. If you have an easy-going dog that walks nicely on the lead without pulling, you can opt for a simple nylon or leather collar. You will have an endless array of designs to choose from – we particularly like the Doodlebone range for its unusual colours.


Martingale-style collar

These collars are made from two, interconnecting loops which provide similar control to a slip lead, without the choking effect on the dog. They are commonly used for sighthounds – greyhounds, whippets, salukis, lurchers etc. As these dogs tend to have long elongated necks and small heads they can slip out of normal collars. The martingale style means that dogs cannot wriggle back out of their collar, so this is also useful for nervous dogs. When not engaged and taut, the collar sits a little looser round the neck which minimises hair loss or skin irritation caused by collar friction.


Head collar or halter

This form of lead provides the most control over your dog as the two bands slip round the nose and head, like a horse’s halter. The lead is then attached to one side, so that if the dog pulls, his head is turned to one side. We stock Dogmatic head collars which are designed not to slip off the muzzle into the dog’s eyes. Head collars need to be fitted properly. You will also need to desensitise your dog to wearing a head collar or he will likely spend his entire walk rubbing his head on the ground trying to get it off. We can help with fitting and desensitisation techniques if you are interested in a halter option.


Dog Leads

We have an extensive range of dog leads to suit your needs. We have bungee leads for a dog that lurches. Training leads and long lines. Retractable leads with comfy gel handles. Chain leads to deter chewers. A short handle for big dogs. Hand leads to walk with a pushchair. Extenders for short dogs or couplers for multiple packs. Rest assured we have what you’re looking for!


Training lead

This is usually a short lead with several clips to adjust the length according to the work that you are doing with your dog. It is also very useful to be able to clip your dog to a table leg if you happen to stop at the pub after your dog training!


Long line lead

This is a useful training tool when you are teaching your dog recall. Your dog can wander a long way off from you without feeling the pull of a lead, as he would with a retractable lead. We stock three lengths: 5m, 10m and 15m, all available with or without a handle.


Bungee lead

These are fixed length leads with a small section of elastic. The bungee allows a bit of give if your dog suddenly lunges, which prevents choking.


Retractable or extending lead

These are popular for dogs who are not walked off lead as it allows them to roam further from their owner in the park. Make sure you choose a retractable lead suitable for the weight of your dog. We stock tape leads as cord options can cause nasty rope burn on legs if you get tangled up by an excitable dog. Please beware that retractable leads can cause accidents as the lead often appears invisible to passers-by. Dogs can also get choked if they sprint to the end of the lead so they should always be worn on a harness not collar.


Message Collars and Leads

Do you have a big, bouncy friendly dog who can look a bit scary? Or a cute, attractive nervous dog who is reactive with dogs or people? Perhaps you just want a bit of space while you’re training your dog?

These eye-catching collars and leads give an instant visual message to passers by. They can put you at ease and save you from an awkward situation.


Dog Harnesses

Harnesses fit around the chest and abdomen, not the neck. This makes them a popular choice for breeds with restricted breathing, such as Pugs or French Bulldogs. Harnesses are also good for dogs with a prominent trachea or throat problems, such as Pomeranians. They are also popular with small breeds, which can be easily choked by a neck collar.

We have a number of harnesses to try so bring your dog in to find out what suits him best. Padded options are popular with puppies. Styles straight across the chest will help a dog who pulls. Spaniels and other large-eared breeds prefer harnesses that don’t go over the head. Three-point harnesses are suitable for deep-chested breeds and nervous dog who might back out of a normal harness.

Standard harnesses are less advisable for dogs who are inclined to pull. By moving the lead to behind the shoulders, you are increasing the dog’s power (think about how a dog pulls a sled). However we stock a selection of anti-pull harnesses. For the greatest control, choose a style with a chest clip at the front. It is important to make sure the harness fits correctly, so bring your dog in store and we will help find the right one for you.

Dogs can perfectly well curl up anywhere, but we want to give our pets the best life. So when they are not availing themselves of the nearest sofa, we can provide a wide range of dog accessories for bedtime to suit your wallet, decor and hound. Choose a plastic bed lined with towels or blankets if your dog is a chewer. A simple square of fleecey vet bed will wash really well and can be easily moved or used in the car. Or invest in one of the luxurious long-lasting Earthbound beds. Whatever your preference, we’ve got something for your dog’s slumber.

Dogs are such a part of the family that they naturally go on days out. Rather than having to clean your car out after each trip for mud and dog hair, treat your vehicle to a backseat or boot cover to contain the dirt. There are other dog accessories which will make travelling with your pet easier such as food bowls with lids, water bottles and collapsible bowls, antibacterial wipes, towels and dog robes to name but a few.

Some people argue that a dog is born with a fur coat and so does not need to wear a jacket or jumper in the winter months. But there are plenty of practical reasons that you might choose to invest in some clothing for your dog.

Long-haired breeds or those with a really dense coat can take a long time to dry if you’re out in the rain. A simple lightweight raincoat can save you a lot of time and hassle when you get in from a walk, not to mention wet patches wherever your damp dog has been.

Sighthounds have very thin coats and even less fat to keep them warm so require a range of dog accessories. You will often see a whippet, greyhound or lurcher wrapped up in a jumper or coat from autumn to spring as they really feel the cold.

Conversely, black dogs and those with thick coats can really struggle in the summer and benefit from a cool coat which is put on the dog when wet and helps to keep their body temperature down.

There are many other dog accessories in store, so whatever your need come along and find the solution!