We believe in a holistic approach to dog health and well-being. We stock only high quality food and healthy treats, which we complement with a wide selection of homeopathic products to keep your pet in tip top condition, naturally. Our staff are trained in the health benefits of many herbs and supplements which can help your pet overcome a number of common conditions without chemical intervention. We are able to offer lots of helpful hints and tips to combat routine ailments such as fleas, worms, upset tummy, urine infections, cuts and minor injuries.


Common Dog Health Conditions

We hold a selection of basic first aid items. Antibacterial wipes, wound control spray, spray-on plaster and vet wrap enables you to treat minor cuts and scrapes.

As our pets tend to eat and drink unsavoury things while out and about on a walk, they can easily get an upset tummy. We stock a variety of digestive aids to naturally resolve poor tummies, either constipation or diarrhoea.

A raw diet and natural chews are the best way to keep your dog’s teeth clean, but sometimes they need a little extra help. We hold a range of products designed to give your pet pearly white gnashers, as well as offering our Cleany Teeth service with our groomers.

As our pets get older they begin to feel stiffness in their joints and can suffer from arthritis. This health concern is a particularly common problem for larger breeds, working dogs who have been active and obese dogs carrying extra weight. We have Paleo Ridge’s raw joint aid mix and many natural raw and dried treats, such as necks and feet, which provide a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. We also stock a wide selection of supplements in tablet, powder and liquid form which will help ease stiff joints.


Seasonal Dog Health Conditions

Dogs suffer from itchy skin for a number of reasons from environmental irritants to food allergies, and we have a range of products to help reduce sensitivity and soothe the skin.

During the warmer summer months dog health can be plagued by fleas and ticks. We recommend apple cider vinegar with garlic to help keep the nasties at bay, but we also have a natural flea treatment and a chemical one if the fleas are being particularly stubborn, along with treatments for your house and bedding. See our advice on natural flea and worm treatments here.

Many dogs experience anxiety at various times in their life. Whether it’s the stress of being home alone, a change in environment, or noise from fireworks and parties. As well as brain games and treat dispensers to help relax your pet, we have products designed to take away their stress. Choose from anxiety wraps to valerian-based remedies in tablet, drop, spray and diffuser form to suit your pet.

Finally we stock all the Vince The Vet health supplements and remedies to support your pet with any number of conditions and ailments. Come in store and ask one of our trained members of staff for help with dog health.