There are many reasons to give your dog treats. You can either use them as a training tool, to reward a desired behaviour or to keep them occupied. And of course there are different treats for each occasion.


Reward Treats

Read our blog on Reward Training here for more information, and choose your treats according to the required task. If you are teaching a simple command in an easy environment, then a little biscuit will suffice. Once you start increasing the complexity of the task, or make the setting more challenging, your dog will require something more interesting than a biscuit. This is where soft meaty treats come into their own. Finally, if you are asking a lot from your dog, such as recall from a group of dogs, then you had better make it worth his while. Dried liver is a firm favourite of many, or heart or venison. We stock a huge selection of small treats, from natural biscuits and meaty bites, to high value items such as freeze-dried meats.


Recreational Chews

Then there are times when you want to help your dog settle, perhaps while you have visitors or eat a meal. A recreational chew can be invaluable to keep your dog calm. The act of chewing not only helps to keep a dog’s teeth nice and clean, it also relieves boredom or anxiety as it releases endorphins, promoting a happy and relaxed hound. We offer a number of frozen chews from Nature’s Menu, Nutriment, Benyfit and Paleo Ridge. Choose from duck necks, duck wings, duck feet, chicken necks, chicken wings, chicken feet, turkey necks, turkey wings, venison necks, lamb necks, lamb ribs, beef ribs, meaty beef chews, trachea, paddywack and more!

Alternately, as raw chews can be a bit messy we have an even bigger range of long-lasting dried chews to keep your dog entertained. Pizzles, ears, hide rolls, feet, trotters, intestines, necks and many other body parts, alongside vegetable chews for the more squeamish. Many of the products still have the fur on, which can also help act as a natural wormer.