Unique Pets stocks a wide range of pet supplies for all your needs – large or small, furry, feathered, winged or finned. We have a great range of collars, leads and harnesses. Beds come in all shapes and sizes for cats as well as dogs, and we sell vet bed by the metre for puppies.

During the autumn and winter we offer a wide range of jumpers and coats to keep your dog warm and dry. We also have towels, drying robes and car protectors to keep your house and car mud-free. In the hotter months we have a great selection of products to keep your pets cool. Options include cool mats, cooling coats and bandanas. You could also choose from a number of freezable toys or a simple frozen treat to beat the heat.

And of course any pet supplies store wouldn’t be complete without a huge selection of toys! From soft toys to more robust options, we have a wide range of toys to entertain your pets. We specialise in brain games and enrichment toys for dogs, cats and small mammals.

As raw feeding specialists we only offer healthy natural treats. We don’t waste anything and offer nose-to-tail treats to entertain your dog. Whether your looking for a high value training reward or a long lasting chew, we’ll have something to suit your pet.

Holistic health is important, so as well as healthy food and snacks, we promote natural treatments for common pet ailments. We stock a wide range of homeopathic remedies including Helios and Vince The Vet.

It’s not just pet supplies that we have – we know many of our customers look after the wildlife. From a wide range of bird seed and feeders, to hedgehog food and Beebombs to sow wildflowers, we help you help the environment.