Different Dog Complete Hand-cooked Meal Fish Pie


A low fat recipe allows your dog to have their very own fish pie.


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Just like for people, there are plenty of benefits that come from providing home cooked dog food from Different Dog.

  • Fresh, natural ingredients – dogs might have more robust digestive systems than we do but making sure they don’t eat lots of highly processed food that is full of refined carbohydrates can keep happy tails wagging
  • Variety – we get bored eating the same food everyday and so do dogs. Home cooked dog food gives you the flexibility to mix and match, giving your dog a healthy, varied diet. This is particularly important for improving gut health, as well as overall wellbeing.
  • Low-Allergen and Easy to Digest – with homemade dog food, you know exactly what’s going into your dog’s bowl, which means you can cater to any specific allergens and dietary requirements. For instance, some store-bought dog foods contain grain, which is hard for dogs to digest.

A low fat recipe allows your dog to have their very own fish pie.

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