Helios Nux Vomica 1.4


Helios Nux Vomica 1.4

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Helios Nux Vomica 1.4

Digestive disturbances and congestions are associated with this remedy, especially after overeating unsuitable foods. There is abdominal discomfort and flatulence. Stools are usually hard but diarrhoea can follow overeating. Symptoms are relieved by vomiting. It is one of homeopathy’s great ‘clearing’ remedies as it is often used to help clear the system of toxins, especially after a course of medication and can be alternated with Sulphur for this purpose. It is also a remedy for aggression, irratibility and impatience.

Please be aware you should always consult a Vet where there is any concern for an animal!

Useful Link to find a homeopathic vet: www.bahvs.com

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