Helios Silica 1.4


Helios Silica 1.4

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Helios Silica 1.4

Silica is found on connective tissue and other tissues that comprise the building blocks of the body such as bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails and hooves. It is the number one remedy for helping to expel foreign bodies such as grass seeds, thorns and splinters. Silica animals may have little stamina, be weak, malnourished and sickly looking. They are often very timid and lack ‘grit’ both in the physical and emotional sphere. Wounds may be slow to heal and may become chronic.

Please be aware you should always consult a Vet where there is any concern for an animal!

Useful Link to find a homeopathic vet: www.bahvs.com

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