Helios Sulphur 1.4


Helios Sulphur 1.4

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Helios Sulphur 1.4

One of homeopathy’s main remedies for a wide range of skin/coat complaints. The skin/coat appears dirty, greasy or scurfy and the animal often smells offensive. Eruptions may be dry, red, hot and itchy or there may be wet, vesicular or crusty eruptions and the animal may be seen to scratch frequently until the skin bleeds. Skin conditions are aggravated by becoming hot or bathed. Sulphur is also a good remedy for clearing the system from over-medicating or poisoning and may be alternated with Nux Vom. Also acts on the digestive system.

Please be aware you should always consult a Vet where there is any concern for an animal!

Useful Link to find a homeopathic vet: www.bahvs.com

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