Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter 28 day


Huskaloo is lighter, greener alternative to traditional cat litters made from dehydrated coconut husks compressed into easy to use bricks.

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Huskaloo offers a lighter, smaller, greener alternative to traditional cat litters. It is made from compressed, dehydrated coconut husk which is a ready available, sustainable resource that is incredibly absorbent, naturally hypo-allergenic and naturally resistant to bacteria.

One box, the size and weight of a cereal box, contains seven bricks of Huskaloo – that is enough
cat litter to last 28 days. Simply place a brick in the tray. Add 8oz of warm water (measuring cup provided), wait for 30 seconds and fluff up the Huskaloo into an inviting bed of soft, dry litter.

Independent laboratory testing has proven Huskaloo to be between five and ten times more absorbent than clay cat litter. There is no dust, and it is softer on a cat’s paws.

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