Vince the Vet Supplement Immunity Powder


Vince the Vet Supplement Immunity Powder


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Vince the Vet Supplement Immunity Powder

Vince the Vet® VETERINARY FORMULA SUPPLEMENTS are clinically proven* blends of natural ingredients which
provide nutrients essential for optimum health, and the body’s ability to cope with stress and self-repair.

These SUPPLEMENTS were originally designed to provide safe, natural and effective nutritional support in veterinary practice. They have been made available so that all dogs and cats can benefit from a highly enriched diet.



The body’s ability to heal normally, and to cope successfully with exposure to harmful microorganisms and stress, depends on a healthy immune system.

IMMUNITY provides vital nutrients which need to be supplied in the diet every day, to support strong, healthy, natural defences and self-repair mechanisms.

Helps if  pet has previously had:

  • itching or allergies
  • inflammation
  • repeated infections
  • warts or other growths
  • major injuries or prolonged ill-health

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