Raw Feeding

At Unique Pets we are passionate about a raw diet and believe it is the most natural way to feed your cats and dogs.

To help you make an informed choice we have pulled together resources to show you how easy it can be, as well as highlighting the many benefits for your pet. It is also the easiest way to treat a number of health issues such as pancreatitis, tummy upsets and allergies, as you can tailor the diet specifically for your dog. If you have health concerns for your pet,  please see Jenna for customised advice. If you’re simply looking to change to raw, then all our trained advisors can help.

With a wide selection of brands of raw food, including our own Unique Raw, we’re sure to find something to suit your pet.

Raw Feeding Benefits


The benefits of feeding your dog or cat a raw diet are numerous, but we’ve pulled together the key comments that we hear from customers after they have transitioned their pet onto raw.


Clean teeth and fresh breath

Chewing chunks of meat, tendons and bones all help your dog and cat to keep their teeth naturally clean without the need for pet toothbrushes or traumatic trips to the vet. Along with gleaming white gnashers, your pet will have better breath, minimal tartar build-up and a significantly reduced risk of periodontal disease.


Improved skin and coat

Many dogs and cats suffer from a variety of conditions including itchy skin, sore or hot spots, a dull coat and dandruff, which can require any number of medicated washes, antibiotics, cortisone shots or tablets. Once you feed your pet a healthy natural raw diet, you will likely find that these conditions clear up and you see a lustrous, thick, glossy coat that positively shines with health.


Improved stool production

Low quality commercial pet food is bulked up with carbohydrates which your dog and cat can’t absorb or process properly, resulting in large smelly waste. By feeding raw meat and bones, your pet will produce much less waste which is firm and almost odourless. As well as it being more pleasant to pick up after your dog in the park or clean your cat’s litter, the more solid waste helps to clear your dog’s anal glands naturally.


Less smell

As well as better smelling bowel movements and sweeter breath, you will also find that your pooch has less of a “doggy” smell, which means your house will be fresher too.


Fitter, leaner physique

On a raw diet, cats and dogs shed unwanted pounds and develop increased muscle mass. You will quickly see your pet’s body become leaner and healthier with a tuck at the tummy and bulging thighs. Your pet will not only look better, but will be fitter and healthier too – she will be more active and alert during play time and sleep more deeply when resting.


Fewer trips to the vet

The good balance of essential fatty acids and nutrients helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory conditions and wards off infections. Raw fed pets are generally in better health and require fewer, if any, trips to the vets for routine health problems.


Natural growth

Puppies and kittens fed a raw diet tend to grow at a steadier rate which avoids rapid growth spurts and the resulting joint pains. Instead, your puppy or kitten will develop at a more natural, appropriate rate. Older dogs suffering from arthritis often see a significant improvement in the condition after transferring to a raw diet.


Controlled diet

Many low-quality commercial pet foods have been recalled in recent years, whereas a homemade raw diet allows you to know exactly what your dog is eating. If your dog or cat suffers from any allergies, it also means that you can control exactly what he is eating and so you can meet his specific nutritional requirements.